Digital Assets

Overview of Olas Digital Assets

Digital assets in Olas refer to assets created by photographers and digital artists that are available for integration into content. Olas aims to enhance the economy of digital assets, specifically images used by content contributors, by integrating the concept of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). This is designed to empower photographers and creators with greater control and fair compensation for their work. Unlike traditional platforms, Olas provides creators with full ownership and transparent direct monetization. This empowers them to set their terms of usage and benefit from a variety of monetization options. As a result, Olas effectively restores control and benefits to the creators.

Key Features

  • NFT Minting Through Olas: Every image used in an article must be minted as an NFT through Olas.

  • Flexible Monetization Models: Olas offers flexible modes for photographers and digital artists to monetize their digital assets:

    • One-Time Price Option: Creators have the option to monetize their digital works either through auctions, ideal for unique or high-demand items, or by setting a fixed price for a direct sale.

    • Royalties from Article Earnings: In addition to direct sales creators have the option to earn royalties from articles that use their digital works. This model calculates their earnings as a percentage of the article's revenue, providing a continuous income stream tied to the article's performance.

    • Usage Across Multiple Articles: Creators can mint their NFTs with the option to allow usage across multiple articles, with a predetermined royalty fee structure for each use.

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