Quality Control Markets

Market-based quality control

A fundamental feature of Olas is that nobody gets to say anything without staking money on what they say. They must have 'skin in the game'. There are funding routes to obtain money so that those without the means can participate but any funds raised must be staked on the platform.

Each Olas market category is designed with its specific characteristics in mind.

A high-level overview of Olas markets:

  1. When an article is submitted to any information market it, must be accompanied by a stake.

  2. The mechanisms differ for each of these information markets due to their unique characteristics

    1. For the Fact Reporting Market, there is a partially randomly selected and partially closed-membership Judging Panel consisting of fact checkers and judges

    2. For the Opinion Markets, there is a prediction market based on a Bayesian Truth Serum mechanism design

    3. For the Investigative Journalism & Academic Research Markets, there is a tri-market system consisting of methodology checkers, judges, a replication market and another layer of fact checkers and judges

  3. After publication, readers can tip the article to support the content contributors directly. However, the tips only go to the contributor if their market-awarded score is sufficient

  4. A Reputation Engine updates the reputation scores of different participants based on their interactions and performance within each market

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