Fact Checker

Identifying factual and contextual inaccuracies with information

Fact checkers play a vital role in the Olas ecosystem by helping to ensure that the information on the platform is accurate and reliable. They act as a counterbalance to biased contributors that attempt to influence readers in a certain way.

Becoming a Fact Checker

Fact checkers must establish an identity on Olas to prevent Sybil attacks (spamming attacks). Ambitious fact checkers that wish to boost their reputation score to unlock other economic opportunities in the Olas ecosystem will also wish to establish an identity for this purpose.

Rights and Responsibilities

  1. Fact checkers are responsible for identifying factual inaccuracies in Olas content

  2. If a fact checker is found by judging panels to regularly submit erroneous errors, they will be barred from submitting new checks for a significant time period


Fact checkers are eligible for financial rewards based on the severity and accuracy of the reported inaccuracies as adjudicated by the judging panel. Further, the more unique an accurately reported error, the greater the reward to an individual checker.

They are also driven to build a strong reputation within the Olas system. A high reputation score opens doors to new opportunities, including the chance to participate in judging panels.

Outside of economic incentives, fact checkers that simply care about the accuracy of certain information are motivated to right any wrongs they may see. This regularly occurs in comments sections and on social media. In Olas, this impact can be much greater as it can directly influence the earnings a contributor receives.

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