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Donors ensure the economic sustainability of information production in the absence of advertising and subscription-based economic models. Through the use of quadratic funding, content contributors receive matched funding that is predominantly determined by the number of donors rather than the sum of money raised, ensuring a more democratic, equitable, and distributed resource allocation system. By becoming a donor, you directly support a collective intelligence that becomes available to anyone with an internet connection.

Becoming a Donor

Donor Classification

  • Active Donors: These donors are highly influential in the Olas ecosystem as it is they who collectively decide on the allocation of Olas funds. On account of this power, and its potential to be abused, active donors must undergo a unique humanity proof verification process. Active donors participate by directly donating to specific content contributors they wish to support. Their donations are then matched by the global matching pool which holds the funds contributed by passive donors in funding rounds.

  • Passive Donors: These donors contribute directly to the global matching pool. As a result, they do not influence where their donated funds end up. Consequently, there is no verification procedure required for them. Their donations serve as a reservoir of funds that are allocated during specific funding rounds using a Subsidy Allocation Mechanism.

Rights and Responsibilities

  • Active Donors: They actively participate and contribute during funding rounds by selecting specific content contributors they wish to donate to.

  • Passive Donors: They have the flexibility to donate at any time. The funds donated are used to provide content contributors with a matched amount of funding based on the number and volume of donations they have received from active donors.


  • Active Donors: Through the power of Quadratic Funding, even a modest donation can lead to a significant impact. A dollar contributed can multiply in impact, ensuring that the contributors you value receive substantial support as a result of your contributions. This motivates active donors to donate funds.

  • Passive Donors: This group is envisaged to consist of large corporations, governments and other large institutions with a vested interest in having a vibrant media and science industry along with an informed society. Many of these institutions already support journalism and science. Olas enables them to do so in a much more effective way.

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